Our Building Process


We invite you to tour OTHER models first, then visit a Knoblauch Builders model …..you’ll see the difference first-hand!

Knoblauch Builders, LLC who has made the building process simple and stress-free, provides the personal, one-on-one relationship necessary to build your home the way you want it. Each home by Knoblauch Builders comes from this same formula.

We have created a process for building quality, intelligently-designed homes; a process which is individual and personalized for each of our clients. At Knoblauch Builders, we listen and design each home based on your needs, lending over 25 years of experience in order to create timeless homes of long lasting value and function to your lifestyle.


Past Clients Refer Us To Future Clients …. That’s Trust 

Satisfied homeowners enjoy the sensibility of a Knoblauch-designed home and the comfort of knowing that is was built with the traditional quality so often ignored by other builders and that can be designed specifically to your lifestyle of lasting value and function. We have grown with one successful year after another with a large percentage of our business coming from word-of-mouth referrals.


Custom Quality

Knoblauch Builders homes emphasize old-world craftsmanship, including on-site trim work, staining, and varnishing – not prefabricated, but “hands-on.” John Knoblauch has a well-trained, experienced eye for great suppliers of affordable quality, products and offers an extensive option list.

Knoblauch Builders has established long-standing relationships with its subcontractors and suppliers. Each home we build is produced by a team of professionals and has a number of subcontractors who we have known for many years – most who have been associated with us since our inception.


 Our Commitment To You

Above all else, we commit to delivering a custom home that will exceed your expectations and that’s our commitment to you. Stop by our model and see first hand how Knoblauch Builders quality of craftsmanship will make the difference by adding the value to your home!


“My promise to you is to provide the same level of attention and quality that I would expect for my own family’s home.”

– John Knoblauch, President